Mar 04, 2024

A revolutionary online platform is coming for mixed martial arts. MMA is ON!

A revolutionary online platform is coming for mixed martial arts. MMA is ON!
Our team of global mixed martial arts (MMA) and sports marketing experts has created an online platform that could be a revolution in the coming years, especially in terms of engaging martial arts fans in events and connecting them with the sport’s biggest stars.

Mixed martial arts is considered the fastest growing sport on a global scale. These days, it’s hard to find a person who doesn’t know who Conor McGregor is. And it is the infamous Irishman who, over the past decade, has ensured that even those who were not overly interested in martial arts in the past now know what MMA is. As awareness of the sport grows, so does the number of fans, but so far they have no direct influence on what happens in the world of MMA.

MMAON is an online platform for everything related to MMA. MMAON brings together all the stakeholders of this exciting sport and connects them with each other. For the first time in the history of a sport, the athletes, organizers, sponsors and most importantly the fans, come together in one place. Our founder Zlatko Mahič has invited many experts from around the world to participate, including renowned sports marketing expert Tomaž Ambrožič.

“In my opinion, this is a very innovative approach, which is quite in line with global trends according to COVID-19 in the field of digitalization and monetization of sports. The creation of the MMA Digital Hub, which will be the link between MMA fans, fighters/athletes and promoters, is very unique. It is a similar approach to that presented in the film world by IMDb, which has become an undisputed reference in its field and an intersection of interests in the film industry. MMAON, which aims to become a marketplace for MMA, also aims in this direction. Each fighter will have their profile set up in one place, with the platform giving fans the opportunity to interact with the fighters, including in the form of a dedicated social media channel and even with the option to reward the fighters directly through the fans. The ability for fans to influence the selection of fighters for an individual fight through voting is also very innovative and allows promoters themselves to create and market events more efficiently. True MMA fans can be not only customers but also creators and actual stakeholders. The MMA audience is growing extremely fast and does not overlap too much with the audience of the so-called “mainstream sports” Ambrožič describes the new online MMA platform.

Fans have a voice

Although the aforementioned portal represents the connection of promoters, sponsors, fighters and fans on many different levels, it is the fans of the sport that will have a say in decision making, something we have not seen before in the world of MMA. Users will be able to connect directly with their favorite fighters, track their preparations for fighting and training, vote on which fights they’d like to see, share their predictions about upcoming fights, and also increase their visibility in the MMA community. And they can even make money in the process. MMAON allows everyone to develop and enrich themselves without putting their energy into secondary sporting activities. That’s what we care about. At the same time, through our sharing mechanisms, we make sure that everyone benefits financially as well. This is not only good – for already established athletes and organizations, but especially for all young people who are just getting in touch with sports and starting out.

New ways for fighters to earn

It’s no big secret that the earning potential of MMA fighters is mostly poor, not to mention abysmal. Only a handful of fighters can make a comfortable living from the sport, which is one of the most demanding and difficult in the world, with most of the rest mainly thinking about how to get from fight to fight on the way to realizing their dreams. Even many of those who fight under the auspices of the most powerful organization in the world, the UFC. This is because signing an exclusive contract with a sports federation prevents fighters from representing their personal sponsors at fights. MMAON thus offers fighters a new way to make money. Fans will be able to reward them for their performance in the form of tips, as each fan will have their crypto wallet on the portal. At the same time, it will also be possible to buy fan merchandise and sports equipment of favorite fighters directly. Our ecosystem will allow everyone to connect, trade, talk and most importantly develop themselves and the sport as a whole. The bottom line is that MMAON represents a true revolution in the perception of the sport and the relationship between athletes, fans, sponsors and promoters. It makes MMA the first sport where a sharing, participatory economy is a reality.
Former UFC heavyweight world champion Frank Mir is also excited about the idea of a unifying MMA platform: “The sport has evolved tremendously in the last few years. Sometimes I do get a little envious. I watch MMAON as new things are developing now. Sometimes you get a little envious when you think about what it would be like to have all these things when I was fighting in my younger years… How much more could I earn? How could I become more popular? It must be easier for every generation. I’m glad it’s evolving now that my daughter is following in my footsteps and becoming a fighter. So even if I didn’t have that, I’m comforted now. MMAON is such a good idea, such a phenomenal concept because it allows young fighters to be seen by everyone” said Mir, who is a consultant on the project. Similarly, Brave FC President Mohammed Shahid.

We will get as many top organizations as possible to participate and convince world famous fighters to become part of the revolution. This means that at these events, fans would be able to vote on which of their beloved fighters should face who, and thus influence what the final rosters of fights will look like. So (finally) their word would be directly valid in the MMA world as well.

by Tadej Vidrih